In this instructional memoir, I combine my background as a physical therapist with my personal story of healing through debilitating pelvic pain to provide concrete advice, hope, and inspiration to those who are suffering. I start out as a skeptical scientific-type and readers accompany me as I work to heal and gradually discover the body-mind-spirit connection. Healing through Chronic Pain bridges the gap between traditional and more holistic perceptions of health, and it clearly demonstrates how suffering can become a catalyst for personal transformation.

“Mary Ruth’s writing is an inspiring message of hope and healing for those struggling with chronic pain. As both a physical therapist and patient, she has a powerful perspective. I often recommend her books to my patients. She helps remind others that full, true healing is a journey of the mind, body, and soul and not simply the search for a physical cure.”

Nicole Cozean, PT, DPT, WCS. Author of The Interstitial Cystitis Solution

“Even though I have a very different ailment from the one that Mary Ruth was dealing with in Healing Through Chronic Pain, there are many similarities in how she dealt with her pain and how I am dealing with mine. This book made me feel very much not alone and I cannot thank her enough for that.”

Constance Snow

“Even though I do not suffer from chronic pain, the mind, body, spirit connection discussion was helpful on different levels. Mary Ruth’s life story is a good read on its own, as her journey through life and pain is a very human tale. I recommend this book to people who are ready to take the next step up in their spiritual journey.”

Diane Julian

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