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Expanding Spiritual Awareness

Key Holistic Healing Concepts

Excerpts from Healing with Spirit

Peaceful sunset with seagulls

In Healing with Spirit, I use stories from my personal experiences and from the experiences of many others to describe how spiritual awareness can shift and expand throughout the healing process. I present numerous routes for spiritual connection in everyday life in order to help the reader become more aware of the support and guidance that is available to all. I share the transcendent experiences that began in the depths of despair and gradually developed as I worked to heal. This book demonstrates the process of spiritual transformation, during which reactive, fear-based perceptions are gradually replaced by a sense of wholeness, connection, wonder, and joy.

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As I healed, my sense of spiritual connection grew. After I finished writing The Healing Series, spontaneous insights began flowing in whenever I sat down to write. I share this information on my spiritual site/blog.