My name is Mary Ruth Velicki. I write & speak about healing the body-mind-spirit. This is my healing site. You can find information here about all aspects of healing including: moving out of pain, healing the mind-body, and growing in spiritual awareness.


I'm also the author of The Healing Series books and a spiritual blog.

About Me: 

I've personally healed through chronic pain (specifically interstitial cystitis) and suppressed sexual trauma using a holistic approach, and I've worked with patients in pain as an integrative physical therapist. Prior to embarking on my ten-year healing journey, I specialized in the treatment of adults with neurological disorders, and taught this curriculum at several universities.



In this talk, I describe how to use the body-mind-spirit connection to heal on all levels.

Healing with Awareness
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Healing Information
Healing Information
The Healing Series
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